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Sea Change Natural Health provides a safe, nurturing environment for massage and associated natural therapies. We do this so you can achieve a better state of health. If you need massage or other natural therapies in Beaconsfield or are looking for quality, remedial massage in Melbourne we can help.

Sometimes you can feel out of balance or want a whole life change to put life back on track. You may simply need a relaxing 'time-out' or 'luxury' massage which can change the way your body feels and improves your wellbeing.

We understand that different people need different ways in which to bring themselves to their optimum health, what works for some people does not for others. We provide a range of practitioners to work from our clinics. We have a range of natural therapy approaches.

Sea Change Natural Health can help you:

  • Moderate the way you feel through specialist massage therapies (remedial massage and relaxation massage) which help release anxieties and tensions stored in the tissues.

  • Address sub-conscious physical and mental habits which maintain your old behaviours and are no longer useful through postural integration, hynotherapy, and EFT.

  • Improve your internal processes by releasing energy blocks and help balance the body through reflexology.

All our natural therapy practitioners live in Melbourne and are qualified, associated with official bodies which support them and their skills, and are insured.

We look forward to helping you with your health.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sea Change Natural Health - committed to your mind body connection.